Evolution Cup: Interesting Statistics Of Match Day One

Picking up the pieces of MatchDay One of the ongoing Evolution Cup offers some startling revelations which validate the fact that talented players abound in NLO teams.

Four Games Played

Yes! It was quality and exciting football all through. As a ‘preparatory tourney’, it was an opportunity for teams to test their player’s tactical understanding and execution of game plans- the matches didn’t really fall short of all the standards obtainable.

By extension, coaches also have the opportunity to prepare their teams mentally, physically and technically ahead of the new season; giving that the matches were true representation of league intricacies.

Three Wins

Out of the four games played, we recorded three convincing and deserved wins. Only the game between between Beyond Limits FC and Abraysports produced all the goals in the second half of the game.

Three Loses
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Recording three defeats was all we got and it’s an eye-opener to the teams. At least, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

One Draw
It was a draw loaded with goals. Olukismet FC and Ilaji FC played out a 2-2 draw. It was nothing short of surprises and excitement.

19 Goals

Huge! A total number of 19 goals was recorded on MatchDay One of the tournament. This, speaks volume to the level at which teams have gone in creating chances and scoring them.

While the first game between Olansile FC and Hammola FC produced five goals with the former triumphing over the later by 4 goals to 1, Ilaji FC and Olukismet FC held on to the scoreline with 2-2 draw- no victor, no vanquished.

The encounter between Right2Win and Rolly FC produced five good goals. The closely and keenly contested game ended 3-2 in favour of Right2Win. Beyond Limits set it past Abraysports with another 4 goals 1 scoreline.

In all, the teams had the opportunity to find the back of net- irrespective of what the scoreline bore.

Two Penalties

Teams were too cautious. Only two spot kick affairs was recorded and scored in the first day of the Evolution Cup.

Organised to help NLO teams have adequate preparations ahead of the new season, Evolution Cup is sponsored by Alphakay International Sport and packaged by Sportsflames Communication.

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